Thursday was a beautiful Spring day for bowls. Welcome back, if you haven’t played for a while.
We played social bowls on one green and Club Triples Championships, were played on another green.
The lucky winners on the day were on rink 1, M. Pearson. A. Macauley & C. Graham and the lucky runners up were on rink 19, R. Austin, D. Dow & K. Ciampa.
The first round of the Club Triples was played on Thursday, Karen Campbell def. Cathy Leo and Janelle Pryke def. Linda Caselton.
The second round will be played next Thursday. The teams will be J. Pryke v K. Campbell, J. Mitchell v M. Buckley, S. McPherson v G. O’Connor, A. Pobje v M. Baleinavetau.
Could the Match Committee please list the names of all the players in the team, from lead to the skip, for the first round, on a Championship draw sheet. You know who is playing but we don’t.
Our 65th Birthday will be held on Thursday the 1st of October. The sheet is up and you should put your name down now, to play or as a NON bowler. This event, will only be for our own club members and the day is free. It will commence at 12.00 noon and we will have lunch, before a game of bowls at 1 pm. Come and celebrate this milestone.
President Joy reminded us on Thursday, to make sure we have our medical sheet filled out, in case of an emergency and to leave it in the front of your bowls bag. Don’t forget to do it, it is very important.
Social Mixed Bowls is played on Friday at 1 pm, if you would like a game, put your name down in front of the bowls office.
Till next week, keep bowling, keep smiling and if you are not well or in hospital, we wish you a quick recovery.

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