Nationals declare their candidates

STATE Director of the Nationals Ben Franklin has confirmed that three candidates have been nominated to contest the pre-selection to represent the Nationals in the Federal seat of Lyne at the next Federal election.

The candidates seeking endorsement are:

Dr David Gillespie - a medical specialist based in Port Macquarie David has taken an active interest in the community and national party through representation on state central council , , and is keen to make an impact in Federal Parliament ,

Quentin Schneider- - a legal practitioner based in Taree. Quentin was a participant in the last pre-selection for the by - election held for the seat after the retirement of then sitting member Mark Vaile, and is keen to further his commitment and involvement in the community through parliamentary representation.

Jamie Harrison- An electrical contractor and businessman based in Port Macquarie, with connections in the Manning and Port Macquarie areas. Jamie has previously stood as an Independent and is a former councilor with Port Macquarie Council. Jamie has since joined the Nationals, recognizing the major contribution that the party, its members and parliamentarians have made to the Lyne electorate in the past, and wishes to continue to do so in the future.

The pre-selection meeting is expected to be held in late January where all eligible members of the National Party in the electorate will be invited to attend and vote for the candidate of their choice.

Noel Atkins, Chairman of the Nationals for the Lyne Electorate Council said that during the pre-selection period in December, the interest from the electorate both in terms of nominations and the constituents was both intense and immensely supportive.

“This signals to us that the community is seeking a return to national representation in Federal Parliament where their concerns from a regional perspective are truly represented and heard.

“No doubt the strong stand the Nationals have taken against Labor on key issues such as the proposed “ETS Tax” scheme and the major changes to youth allowance, shows that only the National can truly represent regional Australia. Both these proposals, if passed in the framework set up by labor would have had dire consequences in our electorate. The Nationals have and will continue to prove to be a strong voice in Federal Parliament on these, and many other issues affecting our constituents.”

“We are confident that the successful candidate will be able to relate the policies and views of the Nationals, and confirm their relevance to the constituents of Lyne. The successful candidate will also have the ability to participate in future policy making, challenge issues within the party room and promote the needs of the Electorate at Federal level.” said Mr Atkins.