Recruiting for School of Hard Knocks Choir Port Macquarie

The internationally acclaimed School of Hard Knocks (SOHK) will build its first Regional Choir with Port Macquarie Community College (PMCC) kicking off with a call for interested locals from Port Macquarie, Camden Haven and Wauchope to attend a Choir Recruitment session at 10.30am on Tuesday, February 16, 2016.

“We are specifically inviting locals who might be experiencing homelessness, disadvantage, long term unemployment, mental health conditions or disability to join the choir, said PMCC Community Relationships Manager, Dr Robbie Lloyd.

“And, No Experience Necessary “says well known local Choir Master, Marie Van Gend who is appointed by The School of Hard Knock’s creator, Dr Johnathon Welch AM, to take this first regional choir on its musical, life changing journey.

“The choir will rehearse once a week, probably on a Tuesday morning followed with a complimentary lunch prepared by volunteers who will also sing with the choir,” said Dr Lloyd.

When asked how big the choir could be Ms Van Gend said “there is no limit - all are welcome.” 

“We want as many people as possible to experience the joy of singing and its accompanying benefits,” she said.

Dr Welch’s ’s internationally acclaimed School of Hard Knocks model aims to reconnect isolated individuals with their community, build mental and physical well being, create confidence and a sense of belonging and opportunities to contribute meaningfully to society through performance. 

Additionally, as the school has evolved it also offers formative programs to help build pathways to further education and employment opportunities in line with such as PMCC’s new and existing SkillsLink education programs including a new Life Skills program to be launched this month. 

Dr Welch began The School of Hard Knocks with a Sydney Street Choir in 2001 that in 2006 featured in a world wide ABC TV series called the Choir of Hard Knocks. In 2006 he also launched the Melbourne Choir of Hard Knocks in his home town and later established the “Absolutely Everybody Choir” and other accompanying programs in Brisbane Queensland.

The School of Hard Knocks Vision is an inspiration to us all as we begin this journey in Port Macquarie,” said Dr Lloyd.

The Vision: “To create an iconic arts and cultural institute that fosters the participation of disadvantaged Australians in the mainstream social, economic and cultural life of the nation. The School of Hard Knocks partners with leaders in the arts, education, health, corporate and welfare sectors to provide high quality arts, cultural and wellbeing programs for disadvantaged people, creating possible pathways to education and employment.”

Please ring the college on 6583 7288 to let them know you’re planning plan to come, and remember the address is 77 Hastings River Drive, next to Jax Tyres near the roundabout at the bottom of Clifton Drive.