Reader travel tips: How to fool a pickpocket in Paris

Sunset over Santorini but the sun never sets on Greece's friendliness and beauty. Photo: iStock
Sunset over Santorini but the sun never sets on Greece's friendliness and beauty. Photo: iStock
Hold on to your wallet in Paris' Metro.

Hold on to your wallet in Paris' Metro.


In "The Trip" of September 11, Laurel and Malcolm Sinclair mentioned as the worst bit having a wallet stolen on the Paris Metro.

It reminded me of a trip to Europe more than 20 years ago when my late husband Brian purchased a cheap plastic wallet and filled it with cut paper pieces to put in his back trouser pocket (his proper wallet was in a safe pocket). When alighting from the Paris Metro he could feel somebody taking this plastic wallet from his pocket. When the door of the train closed Brian waved to this robber, who must have had big surprise when he found bits of paper instead of money.

Grazyna Speer, Kiama, NSW


We recently visited Japan for three weeks and before leaving were assured that English is pretty much a second language there. Not so.

The language difficulty, especially on really important issues, was enormously helped by the free Google Translate app. We simply tapped in the question on the iPad and requested it to be converted to Japanese to show the result to the obliging recipient.

Inevitably wide understanding smiles followed, and then the procedure was reversed. We used this terrific app throughout Japan.

Ailene Strudwick, Mornington, VIC


After five weeks of travelling around Greece I'd like to share some impressions and recommend a holiday there.

True, Greece looks tired and battered as she has been throughout her history. Most of her people (except the rich) are struggling and suffering. This may sounds negative but as always Greece shows how resilient she is as she has throughout her history.

She is ancient, rough and beautiful. Her people get on with life and say it could be worse. The Greeks are helpful and generous – if you need help it's always close by.

These are things which make me proud to be of Greek origin. So if you have second thoughts about going to Greece, don't think twice. I can guarantee you will have a good time, you will see some things which will sadden you but that's life. It's affordable for travellers and around every corner there is something ancient and beautiful.

All I can say is, I can't wait till we meet again, land of my ancestors.

George Tsoukalas, Maroubra, NSW


I'd like to recommend a great phone app called JetLagFree, a case of ancient meets modern as a 3000-year-old concept solves our modern issues of jet lag.

It resolves all my jet lag issues with a natural ancient Chinese meridian therapy. All the complex calculations are done for me and presented each two hours for a total of 24 hours. I just complete it in flight mode and arrive feeling as though I am on local time. I use it on my family and friends too.

Gerarda Mader, Bathurst, NSW


I have just spent the most amazing two weeks staying in three different camps for three nights at a time in the Okavango Delta, then three nights on Sindabezi Island in the Zambezi River.

I was the oldest guest at each of the camps and was treated like a VIP, especially on two nights when I was the sole guest in camp.

I saw just about every animal I had hoped to see, including a close encounter with an elephant who seemed to want to have a shower in my outdoor bathroom late one night. Botswana boasts having 593 different bird species, including some of the most exquisite birds I have ever seen.

The guides were superb and the food delicious. It was trip of a lifetime organised by Richard Field of the Sydney-based African Family Safaris. The camps in Botswana were Chitabe Lediba, Pelo and Tubu Tree, all different but memorable.

Patricia Summers, Canterbury, VIC

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