Clean Up Australia Day's Camden Haven effort

Clean it up.
Clean it up.

Thousands of us show our national pride by participating in Australia Day events, but how many of us can make a practical show of that pride by participating in Clean Up Australia Day?

Each year the handful of locals that help out on this day grows smaller. Can you and your family help on Clean Up Day Sunday March 5 to make this day a greater success by giving up just a few hours of your time?

While full details of sites and meeting times will be provided in the Courier on March 1, Fiona from Camden Haven Cruises will be doing a clean up of underwater rubbish in the river.

She wishes to hear from anyone who knows of sites where rubbish is piled up underwater and also from any local boaties who would be willing to bring their boat along on the day. Last year an enormous amount of bikes, tyres etc were cleaned up from the river.

Please phone Fiona on 0457 800 385.


• Keep a permanent supply of rubbish bags in your car for use while travelling or while at the beach or picnicking. Dispose of the rubbish in the nearest bin or bring it home with you.

• Major supermarkets have plastic bag recycling bins. Did you know that all food plastic packaging can also be recycled here? Try collecting such packaging for a month and you will be amazed at the amount!

• ‘Green’ shopping bags are very cheap to buy and greatly help reduce the amount of plastic needing to be disposed of.

• When making small purchases do you really need the bag that is always offered or is the item small enough to go in your handbag or shopping bag?

• Be religious about your use of our bin system ensuring that all recyclables go in the yellow bin and organic food waste in the green bin.

• Be aware that recyclable items placed inside plastic bags in your yellow bin will not go through the recycling system but end up as more landfill.

• Lawn clippings make wonderful compost for the garden and are a great way of returning nutrients to the soil. Simply pile them up in a corner of the garden until they are sufficiently rotted down to kill any grass seeds. Or better still, make a compost heap or buy a compost bin then all your veggie scraps can also be used to return goodies to your garden.

• Once an item has outworn its main purpose can it be used for something else, e.g towels and sheets can be used for pets, clothes for cleaning rags?

• Have your kids outgrown their clothes or toys? Are there other children who could make use of them?

• Renovating your house? Can someone else make use of items such as timber, doors or windows?

• And of course, good quality items can be taken to our numerous Op Shops who do such a wonderful job.


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