LETTER: Water concerns valid

We are all entitled to express our own thoughts. Graham Williams’ letter concerning future water supplies was about his concern for the future – if you agree or not, that’s up to you.

For Ron Brown to call it a ‘whingeing letter’ and say he is sick of reading such letters, that is up to him.

If we all agreed to what is written, what a funny world this would be.

Rob Brown says he has lived here eight years. I have lived here for 25 years and never wanted to live anywhere else.

I first visited this area some 60 years ago a a young man. Laurieton’s population was small. There was one doctor and one chemist shop.

Up until I left work, we visited Laurieton for our annual holidays. Every Christmas we spent, it seemed to rain. I can remember swimming in Brigadoon Caravan Park on the roadway with the brother-in-law for a lark.

I have seen North Haven and Dunbogan in flood. The water was up to the handrail in front of the shop. Laurieton Hotel was flooded. This was a long time ago.

Before moving to Laurieton I went along to Port Macquarie council to ask if they had a map of the flood areas. I was told the area never flooded. I laughed at this person and asked him where he came from. He gave me a book of maps – it was like a comic book after working on the Sydney Water Board for over 24 years in house services where you dealt every day with maps – I just walked out.

I spent eight years as secretary of the Camden Haven Veterans Golf Club where I kept a yearly record of rainfall. Each year it was becoming less.

With the population of the Camden Haven and surrounding areas growing daily and rainfall dropping off, we should all have concerns for the future.

Allan Ward

West Haven