Behind the Lens | Milton Job from Laurieton

Milton Job's father bought him a ‘comet’ camera 70 years ago and today, he is still as passionate as ever about the art of photography.

“He got tired of me asking him for a lend of his,” Milton explained.

The comet camera took 16 shots on a 127 film.

“The photos were almost postage stamp size.”

Milton has lived in Laurieton for 35 years and is inspired by the natural beauty of the region.

When asked of his favourite subject he answers: “That changes from time to time, at the moment it is grand kids, but it has been nature.”

One of his favourite photos is called ‘after the storm’

“It was taken on my sister’s property, so the location is part of it and the dramatic colours.”

He loves photography because, as he explains it, there is a picture almost anywhere if you look.