LETTER: Passing the blame/buck for the NBN

How amusing to read Luke Hartsukyer’s  “Broadband speed, reliability tested” column in the Express last week – if the NBN wasn’t such a “cluster...k” as Senator Scott Ludlum stated last week, Luke’s column would be a laugh a minute!

The story so far:

The LNP Coalition gives us a MTM (Multi Technology Mix or Malcolm Turnbull’s Mess) NBN which constitutes a combination of FTTN, satellite, fixed wireless and, not forgetting, the existing aged, failing copper network. The cost of the NBN goes through the roof, those getting it generate the fastest growing source of consumer complaints to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman last year and the Coalition’s core election promise: “Everyone in the nation would have access to broadband with download speeds of at least 25 Mbps by late 2016” goes out the window. Australia “achieves” an average internet speed of 10 Mbps and drops from 44th to 51st on worldwide internet speed rankings. Meanwhile countries all over the world, particularly in Asia (you know, our major trading partners and our biggest economic threat) are abandoning FTTN in favour of – guess what – Labor’s proposed FTTP!

Particularly amusing was Luke’s statement “facilitating the initial switchover from the old copper network to NBN services” – rib-crackingly funny but not true, Mr Hartsukyer, because the “old copper network” is a vital part of Australia’s NBN and just one of the reasons “Malcolm Turnbull’s Mess” is such a mess!

But worry not, Australia, because “the ACCC is launching a new Broadband Monitoring and Reporting Program (BPMR)” and the LNP has found a way to deflect the blame – it’s those nasty retail service providers!

Don’t believe it – the LNP NBN is a crock and Australia will pay the economic price for decades to come. The cost blowouts in the NBN have forced them to put the wholesale price up which makes the resellers put their prices up. The outdated, antiquated MSM NBN sucks big time and can’t provide the bandwidth promised at a fair price – it’s not their fault, Luke, it’s yours and your mates in the Coalition.

The only thing more unbelievable is that somehow you got voted back in. Sad.

Shane Stelzer

Port Macquarie