LETTER: Headland vision support

Well said Cathy Rushton (letter: Then , Now and Perhaps). I have been composing a similar letter in my mind recently. Thank you for beating  me to the punch!

How sad to lock that magic vista away from us; and what right has anyone to lock us out of the beautiful local areas that have now been made inaccessible to us! Most of us have cherished the beauty of the area and looked after it while counting our blessings to live here!

Having lived on the headland for 25 years I appreciated that view every day and my partner, as an outside professional fisherman in those days , appreciated being able to check the bar on his way to work. My daughter and the other Headland kids took great pleasure in feeding “Bonnie , the horse, in the adjacent paddock as they waited for their school bus and checked the surf for their afternoon foray to the beach! Perhaps it is right to have returned the horse paddock back to scrub but it is unforgiveable to obstruct such a spectacular view with scraggy, stumpy ti-trees and other unattractive trees that you can find in any National Park all over the State?

Soon there will be nothing either spectacular or unique to make this area the beautiful place it once was. The Management Track out at Humbug /Taylor’s Road would be better named the “Mis-Management Track” with the native shrubs now overtaken by an ugly vine for miles and miles. No more Christmas Bells will ever surface out there again because of this mis-management!

Like Cathy said, some people are unable to get close to the beach or waterways and this Headland lookout was a wonderful spot for them to sit and enjoy the ocean and ambience of the coastline. We must appeal to the authority in charge to return this spectacular lookout to its former state and let us all enjoy it! I am sure if any tourist litters the area the first local to pass by will clean it up!

Wendy Crozier



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