Letter: Supporting headland vision

I write in support of Cathy Rushton's letter to the Courier regarding the loss of view and amenities at the end of Camden Head Road, adjacent to Kattang Nature Reserve.

The picnic tables are still there but have no view and the BBQ has been removed because it was regarded as a fire hazard as the bush had been allowed to encroach dangerously close. There is a water tap but it can only be located if you know where to look.

Sadly, the headland hill above the historic Pilot Station, which was once regularly slashed, is now overgrown by scrubby bush and weeds. Tourist buses once regularly stopped here to picnic and enjoy the spectacular view over the Pilot Station, Pilot and Washhouse beaches and the river entry.

The once magnificent panorama from the top of the hill was regularly used as a backdrop for wedding photos.

This once scenic and beautiful headland is the Camden Haven's most accessible headland for all and it would be wonderful to see the local community and our many visitors able to once more enjoy this naturally beautiful place.

Robyn Chidley



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