Letter: Headland vista of the future

In response to Cathy Rushton's letter, “Vista of the Future”, I couldn't agree more. I too have seen many cars pull up while their occupants try to check out the water conditions. To still call this site a lookout is becoming ludicrous.

I too have seen photos of how beautiful it was when the park was full maintained. It wouldn't take much to return it to this idyllic state.

They tell me there used to be a bbq in this park, but it was removed because of the fire hazard created by the encroaching scrub. There is still a tap, but because of the overgrowth around it, it is very difficult to know it's there. Consequently, living nearby, we often have visitors using our hose to fill up their water bottles.

On several occasions, while walking to the beach, I have seen red-bellied black snakes lying in the sun directly in my path. This poses a threat to all, but especially to  the children who like to run happily down the hill.

Like many other people, I request that Council return this site to its former, breathtaking beauty. What a bonus it would be to the area. Adjacent Kattang Nature Reserve already provides a wonderful natural bush experience. Imagine having a nearby picnic/bbq area with spectacular beach and river scenery as well.

I Cowled

Camden Head


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