Taking on a freight train at Kendall crossing

I was at Kendall on Tuesday May 9 and parked outside the old tennis courts near the railway crossing in Kendall Road. The red lights started flashing, the alarm started sounding letting you know a train is coming.

There are signs facing the traffic telling you to stop at a red light and there are stop lines on the road. The lights were going and the alarm was still ringing when I saw a white car come down Kendall Road. 

The car slowed down a bit, but not much and then drove straight across the rail line and kept going. A short time after cars stopped either side of the rail line and a freight train came though doing a fair speed.

You would have to be deaf, dumb and blind with an IQ to match your shoe size to drive like that. I couldn’t believe it, and unfortunately I didn’t get the registration number.

Darryl Lane



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