Letter: Headland vision would be costly

It is good to see the residents of Camden Headland now having a civil discussion about their concerns, as opposed to sneaking around and hacking down our native Australian bushland!

It disturbs me that there is such disdain for our unique and often quite amazing flora and fauna. To refer to it as 'unattractive' and suggesting it is the same all over the state shows remarkable ignorance. The state's natural vegetation varies massively from region to region with the species in some areas incredibly rare.

Wendy seems proud to live in this region yet has little respect for what makes it unique. Maybe better to go overseas and live with the other ex-pat commenter who lives in Kuala Lumpur. You won't find many koalas in KL. Do you think they are unattractive pests too? They have to live somewhere you know.

There are people who work hard to protect the natural beauty of this area. Respect to those people! Besides if Camden Head was just a paddock of grass a lot of Council's resources would have to go towards constantly mowing and maintaining it. That means higher rates for everyone. Are you happy about that? What if Counci l had to spend ratepayers money mowing half the district because some resident wanted it that way. Who would pay for that?

Christine Purvis

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