Port Macquarie-Hastings Council update from Councillor Peter Alley

Councillor Peter Alley.

Councillor Peter Alley.

The one issue that gets raised with me wherever I go is the state of our roads. I am told about potholes and asked about grading of gravel roads.

With the new estates on both side of Ocean Drive, we are worried about the increased traffic.

We are glad to see the light at the end of the tunnel on Houston Mitchell Drive and Ocean Drive at Lakewood.

Roads enable us to get to work, to the shops, to the doctors, to schools and, as needed, to Port Macquarie.

Roads are one of the basic services that council provides and it is one of the 3 Rs – Roads, Rates and Rubbish that we all expect council to provide.

However, the forgotten element that I don’t get asked about enough, is footpaths.

Footpaths enable us to get out of our houses and to our local parks.

They enable us all to get exercise, on foot and on bicycle.

They enable us to interact with our neighbours.

They enable parents with prams and strollers to transport their families safely to the playgrounds.

They enable children to ride their bikes to school in safety. They enable older members of our community to navigate walking frames and gophers.

The Beach 2 Beach project is already changing the way that the Dunbogan community interacts with each other.

There are more people walking and riding bikes next to the river. There are more conversations between neighbours.

When the Schools to Schools pathway section is completed between Camden Haven High School and Lakewood, it will change the Lakewood community.

The Creek to Creek pathway will change those communities who live along those pathways.

And when pathways join each of our communities together, our entire Camden Haven community will be enhanced.

We need roads and we need pathways and we need to get the balance right.

These are the personal opinions of the author and are the not the official views of Port Macquarie Hastings Council.