LETTER: Mining concern from Knitting Nanna Against Gas

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Thanks very much for the information. I will write to the people you mentioned.

In their application there was one word mentioned once, but it struck a cord in my heart. Coal.

No such thing as clean coal, just as grubby as the mining company that wants it and the politicians that support that desire.

Apparently we only own a very small area of the surface of our land. We have no right to complain or stop the search for minerals on our land.

Please don't listen to them, they lie. They will come onto your land with the approval of the government. They will take what they want. They are supposed to rehabilitate the land. They lie about that too.

Time to Don my Knitting Nannas Against Gas hat, get my knitting and my sign and go out and peacefully protest, writing letters is great but you can't beat a Knitting Nanna for impact. Think of the impact that mining will have on our beautiful flora and fauna.

Money into the area? FIFO workers. Please be proactive about this, our land is precious, our water is to be saved at all costs.

Write letters, attend meetings, peacefully protest, educate yourself and your family and neighbours. Want to see what other communities and fighting? Check out Narrabri and the Pilliga, and Queensland. Great article but it's up to us now.

Janice Kathleen Marsh

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