LETTER: Everything we touch comes from mined resources

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A heart felt letter Paul. But have you ever wondered where all the resources that you consume, or have your quality of life increased by, come from? Every single man made implement that you touch, wear, or use, depends on someone exploring for the raw materials, and then taking a risk and mining them.

Sure you can demonise the explorers by saying that they are only there to "increase their profits", but if you want to eat food that is planted, harvested or transported on something made of metal, or refrigerated using grid power, there are a series of mines and mining companies who "sought to increase their profit", that made it possible.

If you have ambitions to drive an electric car, and get your power from the sun or the wind, then you better hope there are hundreds of mining companies out there now seeking to "increase their profit" by exploring for the lithium, copper, nickel, cobalt, cadmium and other raw materials needed to make them work.

The Bronze Age started in 3000 BC, give or take. If every person in the world had the same attitude as you, then we would never have made it that far.

Someone who is prepared to use the products of mines but believes that their paradise should be totally spared from even exploration, when it is demonstrably no more paradise than 75% of the remaining lightly used surface of the earth is p robably at best described as confused, and at worst as a hypocrite.


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