Kew Waste Transfer Station making life rubbish for residents

Now that the new Waste Transfer station has been built locals can kiss goodbye to the beautiful scenery around the Logans Crossing, Kew and Herons Creek area.

Rubbish has already been dumped along Herons Creek Road just metres from the entrance to the Kew Waste Transfer Station.

At least with the old tip face at Dunbogan it was out of the way, so when rubbish was dumped at least it didn’t look disgusting and seen from the busy Pacific Highway.

Maybe putting security cameras around the transfer station and catch the disgusting people that dump rubbish, or maybe lower the fee’s associated with the transfer station.

Also, while on the subject of the transfer station, the local residents of Kew, Kendall, Herons Creek and Laurieton were told that the waste station would NOT be seen from the Pacific Highway, and as everyone who has driven on the Pacific Highway knows, that it is able to be seen and looks horrific. Makes locals wonder what else has the council lied about regarding the Transfer Station? 

Shane Geurts

Logans Crossing


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