Letter: Lake Cathie master plan

It was reported in the Camden Haven Courier that Port Macquarie Hastings Council want to have a Master Plan that will stop the erosion of the Lake’s foreshore from high seas.

I know many locals have suggested that a breakwall to permanently keep the lake open would help in alleviating this situation but council always reject this suggestion as not feasible.

I believe that the reason for this is council only looks at the usual design of break walls and they don’t think outside the square.

If a Breakwall was constructed on the Northern extremity of the Lake and went out about 50 metres and then curved in an arc to the south, with a corresponding break wall also curving to the south about 50 metres apart so that the inflow would be restricted, then this would prevent high seas rolling straight into the lake and also prevent sand building up into the Lake. It would also break up the chance of rips developing just near the Lakes entrance.

This design is what a lot of the small harbours in the UK use to prevent damage to their boat harbours from the mighty waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Apparently it works fine as hundreds of years of use has proved.

Surely the cost of such an enterprise would in the long term benefit the Lake environs and boost tourist activity which in the summer months is at a premium.

I feel sure if Council went about this in the right way, that State and Federal Government support could be forthcoming. But something needs to be done or else it just becomes an ongoing problem.

Tony Evans

Lake Cathie 


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