Hastings Cancer Trust and Jan Dennis promote healing through story telling

Former Camden Haven Courier journalist, Jan Dennis, launched her new project last week at the Laurieton Library.

The Our Stories Project aims to connect people who have experienced cancer themselves, cared for a loved one with the disease and promote understanding.

Funded by the Hastings Cancer Trust, Jan hopes Our Stories will be healing for those sharing their unique cancer journeys, as well as give encouragement and support to others.

“It can be comforting to realise that other people are walking a similar path and that we are not alone,” Jan said.

"Meeting people and being inspired by their stories was something I missed when I left my role at the Courier. I loved writing about seemingly ‘ordinary’ people doing extraordinary things.

“This project is similar but on a more intimate scale. I’ve been able to meet people who have shown extraordinary courage, although they believe their journey – either surviving cancer themselves or caring for a loved one – is simply something they did and ‘just got on with it’.

“However, in sharing their stories I think they have realised it’s ok to be proud of what they have done and the words they have shared with me to put into story form, will provide comfort to others, cutting through the sense of isolation people with cancer or caring for someone can experience.”

A copy of Our Stories is available at Laurieton library featuring the stories of people from the Camden Haven.

To find out more about the project visit www.hastingscancertrust.org.au (website coming soon) or phone 0419 288 933.

Hastings Cancer Trust

The Hastings Cancer Trust is a local not-for-profit organisation. While there are many excellent national cancer charities who spread the value of their work across Australia, the Trust focuses on local people and programs. 

Operated entirely by volunteers and without premises, every cent goes to helping people in our own community who are battling cancer, and those caring for and treating them.

The trust relies on funds from the Hastings and Macleay community through donations or fundraising and does not receive any government funding.

The trustees are all local people who volunteer their time. The Friends of the Hastings Cancer Trust group give their time and energy as volunteers too, and would welcome any interest from new volunteers to help fundraise.