Camden Head vegetation debate

My family have been holidaying regularly at Camden Head for nearly forty years, being attracted by the beautiful beaches, National Parks and magnificent views. It is one Australia's hidden treasures.

My contribution is regarding the lack of foresight and management of the old Pilot's house paddocks which have been allowed to regenerate into scrub and obliterate most of the beautiful views from the headland.

These views have been some of the best along the coast, north to Port Macquarie taking in Bonny Hills, Grant's Beach, Camden Haven's break walls and Pilot's Beach, and east to Washhouse Beach and Point Perpendicular. Now we only have a few glimpses of these views.

The district is blessed with large areas of National Parks which have all the native flora and fauna unique to the area, well managed by the National Park's staff and the many volunteers, who we are indebted to. If the Pilot's paddocks where managed well, taking out obstructive tall trees and fostering the growth of native shrubs and grasses we could have the views as well as native park land.

If the council are to take over the management of this land they need to manage it in the best interests of those most effected by it, the local residents and holiday makers. If the council doesn't have the ability to manage this land I am sure the concerned residents could very quickly form a committee to assist them. 

It isn't about about clear felling the bush it is about benefiting all concerned and not playing the blame game.

Jim Young