Mining application concerns

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I head read the letters from concerned residents and salute you all. I have some information that may interest you. It is not my intention to cause panic. I have relevant information concerning this issue and my only concern is for out wonderful environment, the safety of all who choose to live here and any negative compromise of our wonderful lifestyle this situation my throw our way.

Fact 1. Gold is one of the metals these people will seek if granted an exploration licence.

Fact 2. Gold has been mined in two areas very close to home. a) Gold was mined at Middle Rock Lake Cathis during the Great Depression with minimal success. b) Gold was also mined at the south headland at Grants Head Bonny Hills at the same time with a much better result, even though it was a small scale.

Fact 3. One of the main areas mentioned in the licence is Grants Head.

That’s my information to concerned residents. My advice is, don’t wait until it is too late. Get organised: meetings, petitions, start up a dialogue with state and federal members and any other relevant bodies. From what I have experienced over the last two years, any of these concerns I have mentioned here would be a complete waste of time raising with Port Macquarie-Hastings Council, but I am sure our two local councillors would want to help.

Bill Shelly

Bonny Hills