LETTER: Camden Head Lookout

On Friday June 9 some Camden Head residents met with councillor Peter Alley to appraise him of the deterioration of the lookout as an attraction and picnic area.

With minimal council restoration, the mostly unused picnic tables and mostly unused water tap, could again be well-used.

Motor traffic used to stop at the lookout, not only to enjoy the view, now almost non-existent, but also for the benefit of surfers, fishers, boatees and recreation users, some checking the waves or the currents or the bar.

This rare view of the Camden Haven needs to be exposed as the jewel it undoubtedly is. All that is required is the removal of a very small amount of tea-tree scrub close to the picnic area and to the east of the walkway sloping towards the beach.

To indicate just how minimal this encroaching scrub is, it is approximately 30 metres below the lower picnic table and north of it. In relation to the walkway it is approximately 20 metres west of the walkway and seven metres east of it.

It should be clear that the encroaching vegetation of this picnic area is not littoral rainforest, not particularly valuable regrowth, nor has it been observed to encroach on fauna.

It was a valuable exercise to meeting with councillor Alley and we appreciate him joining us on such a wet morning.

Peter Moore

Camden Head