Schools to Schools mark the construction of new pathway section

Schools to Schools committee and supporters are working with all levels of government to see the Camden Haven connected from Kendall to Laurieton, via a shared pathway.

On Friday morning the crew were joined by MPs Leslie Williams and David Gillespie, acting mayor Lisa Intemann and Diane Pope from the Kendall Community Op Shop to mark the construction of the latest section of the 2.5m wide pathway.

This section of concrete is 385m long, on the northern side of Ocean Drive between Sirius Drive and Fairwinds Avenue.

“This will directly link 500 homes from Lakewood and Fairwinds estates to the Lakewood shopping centre which did not have any walkable access prior to this pathway,” said Jason Koenig from Schools to Schools.

“The cost of $80,000 is a combination of community fund raising and community and government grants. Our committee organises annual fund raising events such as the Camden Haven Cup, a Christmas in July stall and pig races at Camden Haven Show. Port Macquarie-Hastings Council provided all engineered planning and surveying work.”

  • $5,000 from Camden Haven schools to schools fund raising.
  • $30,000 from the Stronger Community Programme (federal Gov)
  • $30,000from the Kendall Community Op Shop
  • $15,000 through the Community Building Partnerships (state gov)

“The Schools to Schools project will promote active lifestyle, connection to the community and safe access to transport and the shops,” Mr Koenig said.

The entire pathway project will be 14km long and connect Kendall Public School to Laurieton Public School. The project will link the entire community by providing walkable access to 12 housing estates, 2 shopping centres and over 100 shops, 4 schools, 3 retirement villages, 2 clubs, and recreational areas such as Queens Lake, North Brother Mountain, Kendall and Laurieton swimming pools and the Laurieton sport fields.