Letter: Appreciating the beach wheelchair at North Haven

I have been holidaying in the Camden Haven area since I was three years old. I recently turned 48 and have had a difficult couple of years with a kidney transplant and some complications involving several broken bones.

This was my first family holiday with my husband and children since my last operation in January which has confined me to a wheelchair.

Imagine my delight on the Easter long weekend, as my husband and son tried to push me through the sand in my wheelchair - almost impossible, when a lovely surf lifesaver came running up saying "don't worry about using that - we have a beach wheelchair you can use".

How fantastic, how wonderful and how grateful we all are. It made it so much easier for everyone and a very smooth ride indeed.

Thank you so much to the Rotary Club for supplying it and the lifesavers for making it available every day we were there. It made a huge difference to our holiday (and life) I hope to be able to use it on every visit in the future.

Thank you so very much.

Helen Bakewell