Court action against Dr Gillespie

Court action 

Maybe Councilor Alley will respond to my questions with regard to his current action against our Federal member Dr Gillespie.

Councilor Alley/ Federal Labor party alleges that Dr Gillespie has broken a rule with regard to not revealing his owning, or part owning, a set of shops that includes a Post Office and by doing so has used his position for his own personal gain.

I have had little to do with Dr Gillespie although when I have he seems a very nice man, fair, reasonable, responsible and conscientious Federal Member.

I am not a member or affiliated to any political party, maybe this type of issue is why! So what is to be gained by Mr Alley and the Federal Labor party raising this issue? Is it purely bloody mindedness? A complete waste of public money to prove a point?

Mr Alley tells us that in his action in the High Court he will be represented by a legal firm that uses a ‘no win no pay system’. So what if Mr Alley loses, who pays? If Mr Alley/Labor win who pays for the by election? I think we all know the answer to that!

If the court takes its time and a by election is arranged we could well be into the second quarter of 2018 and a full election is due before November 2019.

This is a waste of time and money, a push to further destabilise our Federal Government at a time when stability is vital.

I do not see the actions of Dr Gillespie being a major issue and all that he should have to do, if found guilty as charged, is dispose of his investment and be left to carry on with the good work he is doing for this electorate.

I am looking forward to a response from Mr. Alley and not for him to hide behind a ‘no comment as this is before the courts’.

Alan Burrows


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