Scarborough Way, Dunbogan housing development concerns

Dunbogan resident Peter Johnson says he was horrified to witness the removal of trees from across his back fence. 

“It takes so long to grow a tree and then just to knock them down in one fell swoop,” he said. 

Peter Johnson and his wife Jill live near the housing development at Scarborough Way, Dunbogan. 

“They are going to build 70 housing blocks out there,” Mr Johnson said. 

The development of the site has resulted in the removal of a number of trees. 

“I must confess I don’t cry very often but that gave me a really nasty feeling,” Mr Johnson said. 

“The whole place was covered in trees and the birds in the morning are really amazing.”

Mr Johnson said he wonders if the developers actually go to look at the site before they commence construction. 

The Johnsons used to wake up with the sounds of birds outside their bedroom window. 

“It’s been very quiet since the trees have been gone,” he said. 

Mr Johnson said some of the tress had been growing for 90 years. 

The Johnsons said they weren’t consulted about the removal of the trees. 

Mr Johnson said he acknowledges the amount of growth which is occurring in the Camden Haven and the number of people who are choosing to live in the area. 

He said the developer probably bought the land years ago and has now decided to open it up. 

However Mr Johnson said he doesn’t understand why the owners of the plots aren’t asked if they would like to keep some tress on their property. 

“They just flatten it all,” he said. 

The Johnsons said they are upset about the environmental impact of the work. 

Port Macquarie-Hastings Cr Peter Alley said this area is basically the final area of undeveloped land zoned for housing in Dunbogan.

“It was zoned some time ago and approved for development,” he said. 

Future development in the area Cr Alley said will occur in West Haven and Kew.

This development he said is in accordance with the Council's Urban Growth Management Strategy.


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