NSW Nurses and Midwives Association votes in support of voluntary assisted dying change

MidNorth Coast Dying With Dignity NSW welcomes news the NSW Nurses and Midwives Association Annual Conference voted in support of the need for NSW legislative change to enable voluntary assisted dying for the terminally and incurable ill.

More than 500 delegates attended the 72nd annual conference, representing 64,000 of their colleagues.

It is reported that NSWNMA president Coral Levett told delegates that “seven countries around the globe have legalised assisted dying and this empowers over 100 million people with the full choice about what happens to them at the end of their life. Currently, not one Australian is afforded this choice and that is why legislative reform is so important.”

MidNorth Coast DWDnsw convenor, Annie Quadroy welcomed this news.

"This strong stand taken by NSW nurses shows up other NSW medical practitioners - the doctors, surgeons and physicians - who remain silent or hide behind the AMA's negative approach,” Ms Quadroy said.

“We strongly encourage and will welcome contact from individual doctors, surgeons and physicians who support our quest for achieving legislated choice of assisted dying."

MidNorth Coast DWDnsw can be contacted at pmq@dwdnsw.org.au.