Laurieton resident doesn't want there to be off leash dog parks

I refer to an article in the Camden Haven Courier July 28, 2017 ‘Freedom for dogs with park opening’. The new off leash park  at Henry Kendall reserve is wasting ratepayers money.  

There are many off lead areas in the Camden Haven, as is observed by people who enjoy the walking trails etc.

Signs  which state ‘dogs on leads only’ are being ignored by many dog owners. You just need to walk around Queens Lake reserve on any given day.

Dog waste is splattered around walking trails, despite the law stating that dog owners must pick-up after their dog (s).

Your article states that a number of dog leash free beaches are available for the dogs to exercise freely. 

To my knowledge that does not include Pilot Beach! And yet any given day we see dogs being off leach or in the water, even in summer.

As for any of the other beautiful beaches in the Hastings area non-dog owners have to put up with dogs sniffing , circling and jumping up .

When asking the owner to call their dog, it often does not respond to voice command.

On many occasions  I've been told ‘he just wants to say hello’... Well, I don’t!

I demand as a ratepayer freedom for non dog owners and to not be harassed by dogs while enjoying the great outdoors.

Charlotte Hummel, Laurieton NSW