Dunbogan Beach clean up meeting on August 21 to remove litter

Litter:  Rubbish has been left at the northern end of Dunbogan Beach.

Litter: Rubbish has been left at the northern end of Dunbogan Beach.

Camden Haven environmental groups are concerned about the rubbish left at the northern end of Dunbogan Beach. 

A  Landcare spokesperson said eleven bags of rubbish were recently removed from the site but more litter has since accumulated at the area, which is parallel to Camden Head Road. 

Group members say the rubbish has allegedly been left by illegal campers who have also established a fireplace and removed vegetation. 

“In addition a strong smell of kerosene came from nearby indicating that it may be used as fuel for the fire,” the spokesperson said. 

“The use of kerosene to light fires is extremely dangerous as is the lighting of any fire in our reserves, especially given the dry weather.”

Dunbogan Bushcare Group members have planned a clean up of the rest of the rubbish and litter on the sides of access track from Camden Head Road to the beach. 

The clean up meet is on Monday, August 21 at 8.30am.

The group is appealing to community members to assist with the clean up.

The meeting point is at the Tuckeroo Car Park on the right hand side of Camden Head Road. The car park is sign posted. 

Volunteers are advised to wear protective clothing such as long trousers, long sleeved shirts, covered shoes and a hat and to bring drinking water.