Camden Haven High School student Amber Nicholas' trip to International Science School (ISS)

Amber Nicholas has returned inspired to pursue her passion for science after attending the International Science School (ISS) at the University of Sydney in July. 

The Year 11 Camden Haven School student was the was the recipient of a $3000 Science Scholarship which covered her expenses to visit the school during the holidays.

Every two years the ISS selects 140 top science students from Australia and overseas including China, Japan, India, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, the USA and the UK. 

Students participated in a two-week residential program of talks by world-renowned scientists, laboratory tours and activities.

There were also social events including a cruise on Sydney Harbour and the ISS talent quest. 

Amber said she applied for the scholarship by supplying the school with her grades, writing a 500 word statement about herself and a providing a letter from the head science teacher. 

“I made it very clear I was passionate about science,” she said. 

Amber isn’t sure what aspect of science she would like to pursue just yet. 

“I would like to do something which is related to biology or chemistry,” she said. 

Amber said it’s good to understand how things work.

“This understanding allows us to have this technology which we can use in our everyday lives to enhance ourselves,” she said. 

Amber is interested in genetics and would like to learn more about the subject. 

Both of Amber’s parents are both teachers at Camden Haven High School and she said they have been very supportive of her enthusiasm for science. 

Amber was surprised to secure a place to visit the school.

“I thought it was worth a shot and I’m really glad that I did try,” she said. 

“For anyone else who is interested in going to science school I would definitely encourage them to at least give it a try.” 

Amber has gained insight into the type of careers which can from pursuing science and she said she was also given the chance to network with lecturers.