Call for better footpaths in the Wauchope CBD

After reading Tony Evan’s letter on July 26 in the Camden Haven Courier I would like to assure him we too are far from receiving better footpaths, roads or better anything.

This is particularly apparent in the CBD of Wauchope. Not only do we have a road on the bus route in town that for years has been so degraded you can’t use a mobility scooter on it, we also have the oldest, cracked and patched footpaths. 

Today as in the past it’s possible to trip and sustain painful injuries on these footpaths because they are not a priority. 

Pebblecrete footpaths, sporting venues and fancy gardens take precedence elsewhere. 

It seems the regions of the Hastings are pretty much in the same leaky boat!

J.Byalt, Wauchope 


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