The Mighty Camden Haven Eagles Under 11’s win the grand final against Lake Cathie

The Mighty Camden Haven Eagles Under 11’s travelled to Wingham on September 2 to contest the Group 3 Grand final for under 11’s T2.  There was an extreme amount of excitement and anticipation on that bus trip over, from the players, parents, coaching staff and supporters. Last weeks grand final was the first for many of the players, with a lot of them having a soccer background.

Coach for the Under 11’s Kaine Faddy had previously said ‘that it was important that the team turn up with the right attitude, be switched on and not allow the atmosphere of the day get the better of them’.  

The whole team did their coach proud, each and every one of them did exactly was asked and expected of them.

In the first half Lake Cathie came out firing with all guns a blazing and had the Eagles on the back foot. One of the Eagles was hurt early in the first half resulting in a trip to the hospital in an ambulance. Luckily they were cleared of injuries but this left the Eagles short of players.  At the end of the first half Lake Cathie were leading the Eagles 16 to 6.

The second half the Eagles dug deep and played with a huge amount of passion and drive. It was a massive defensive game and the Eagles managed to swing the game their way. The final score was 24 to 16 the mighty Camden Haven Eagles’ way.  A massive effort considering the team had a bare bench at the end of the game with injuries.

A much deserved Man of the Match went to Riley Williams. A huge effort Riley well deserved.

Huge congratulations to Kaine Faddy and Matt Model awesome effort. The Eagles Coaches are the pulses of the club and we are truely blessed to have some talented guys willing to donate their time for the love of the sport and the kids.

Congratulations to all the players that wore your jerseys with pride and made the whole Camden Haven Eagles committee and club proud.

Special  thanks to all the parents, family, friends and relatives that came to support the Mighty Camden Haven Eagles through out the year. Bring on 2018!