Comment on existing toilet block at Rainbow Beach, Bonny Hills

I have been corresponding with a council representative in charge of this project regarding retaining existing toilet facilities as this person said to get back to them with a proposal as council is always ready to listen. But last time we spoke they said the removal block is imminent. I would still like to go on record that I took two local builders to look at the toilet block and they estimated that the cost of removal of the facility would be around 50,000 dollars. For less than that the facility could be fully renovated including a new roof.

While as residents and rate payers we should not need to have financial input into this project, but I spoke to local tradesmen who would be prepared to donate time and labour for these renovations.

I also spoke to surfing NSW and they agreed the new facility would not suffice for major surfing venues. These people bring a lot of money into the local economy and they are expected to provide porta loos for major events.

Research on unsavoury or predatory behaviour doesn’t hold water re the old toilet facility as research and statistics pointed out to council that it is more prevalent at unisex toilets.

Council needs to realise that a small group of the BHPA doesn’t represent the community as a whole.

The statement, old monolithic structure as in the existing toilet block as described by BHPA President Roger Barlow in the Courier 30/8/17 I find offensive as the building was in good order. And as he has not been a resident here for a long time and has not had the use of the amenities as others like myself, who have used the toilets since the 1970s. The new facility does not provide adequate space for changing clothes or showering in private.

The community loses the toilet block but the residents who have lobbied long and hard have their view back and as a result their property values enhanced.

Steve Bryson, Bonny Hills