Laurieton resident Graham Williams wants the government to shift its focus

At present our Federal Parliamentarians discuss mainly two matters as being the upmost important to this nation i.e. (1) politicians birthright to serve in Parliament under Section 44 of the Constitution and (2) whether or not to have a postal vote to determine the future of same sex marriage as within the Marriage Act.

Of course these two matters are important ,  but when in the hell is the Federal Parliament going to decide three main matters i.e. education, health and economic security for the whole country.  All the politicians do in Question Time is "one up men ship." i.e. slinging insults at each other.  The public in general have had enough of this childish behaviour in trying to gain "brownie points" in trying to disqualify people born in Australia from entering Parliament to serve their electorates.  Who cares if your great grandfather or father was born in New Zealand, Greece, the U.K. or Africa.  If you are natural born to this country or Naturalised, isn't that all is really needed.  Except our indigenous population, all of us come from somewhere o.s. - think about it.

Come on, get back to the real issues and govern this country the way you all are being paid for.  Let's not have the world looking at us and wondering if in fact, we are not a chapter out of "Alice in Wonderland" - Does the Federal Parliament notice that we are also on the threshold of a major outage in electricity supply.

Graham Williams, Laurieton.