Dunbogan resident comments on human waste at parks and reserves

Let us give the dogs a break and turn to the humans.

I walk each day with my dog and feel privileged to have the beach, the riverside and bush land to choose from for our walks.

Yes sometimes owners leave dog droppings behind and I and many other dog owners pick up after some unknown dogs. It is no extra effort to do this and keeps our walking areas clean.

However I draw the line at picking up the increasing amount of human waste cast around by people using our paths and reserves.

Each new week we encounter used nappies thrown into bushes bordering two lovely local reserves. There are also bottles, cans and tissues along the walkways beside the river. Used needles, condoms, cigarette butts can be found in the reserve car parks. At its very worst quite often human excrement is found under bushes festooned with used toilet paper.

During a visit to Henry Kendall Reserve one afternoon I found a large open fire alight on the grass. The surrounding area right to the water’s edge was littered with rubbish.

No excuse for any of the above human behaviour with toilets and bins nearby. Shame on the humans that do this, defiling our beautiful walking areas.

You certainly would not find dogs that would behave in this way.

Kristen Owens. Dunbogan


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