Bonny Hills resident comments on Bonny Hills Master Plan in 2012

There were three items introduced by Bonny Hills Master Plan in 2012. 

  1. In 2014 three groups of concerned residents of the Bartletts Beach were requesting a fence on a very dangerous cliff area. They were told no if it will disrupt the view. 
  2. A man was fatally injured after crashing his para-glider on a beach in Victoria this year. Council allow para-gliders to use Bartletts Beach for emergency landing. Sixty per cent of all tandem para-gliders some as heavy as 190kg end up on the beach among the women and small children. Council deny any risk to public. 
  3. Council place new amenity near road at Rainbow Beach and dismiss danger to young children by telling parents open space is more important. The style of amenities brings your children in closer contact to the vile predators that prey on your children. All of these things have the potential to injure or kill.

The council keep claiming there was broad consultation with our community. Untrue. Between three and four per cent of the entire population attended the final session to form the plan. 

Most of the idea came from the men paid to do the plan. These were given to the public in multiple choice form. Very little or no direct input from the broader community as claimed by council. The good people get short changed again. 

Question to council and the Bonny Hills Progress Association. What gives you people the right to decide young girls and boys do not want privacy which has been their birth right for generations? I say you don’t have that right. 

Bill Shelly, Bonny Hills


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