Bonny Hills resident comments on same sex marriage survey

Contrary to the “Reverend’s View” (Courier 13 Sept) I am quite happy to encourage people to vote “No”.  I do not believe it is in the best interests of our country to change the Marriage Act to allow same sex marriage.

My reason is that every country and tribe, that I know of, has had marriage between a male and female as part of the way they have protected their tribe and furthered its place in the regions in which they have found themselves.  This has ensured a continuation of their culture, increasing their size and influence, as children are born into and nurtured in family units.  Stability and growth have been the goals, and over thousands of years this has been successful.

There are many instances where this has not worked out happily for individuals and they need our personal support and love.  The Camden Haven Anglican Church has sought to do that in practical ways.  However, I believe we as a country should not move from that stability by changing our Marriage Act and thus changing what has been successful for all peoples and cultures. 

May I respectfully ask your readers to consider the above when answering this important question in the survey.

Thanking you,

Lindsay Newby   

Bonny Hills


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