Mountain biking: Craig Robinson wins Trail Terra 100-kilometre event at Bago Vineyards

BONNY Hills rider Craig Robinson emerged victorious in the 100-kilometre open male division at the Bago Bluff Marathon on Sunday.

It was his second race over that distance after a third-place finish earlier in the year in a Trail Terra event.

Organisers were disappointed there were problems with trail bike riders over the weekend where course markers were moved.

As a result, riders in the 100-kilometre event did 57-kilometres in their first lap and missed the cut-off for the start of their second lap.

As a result, one rider was hit by a trail bike rider travelling at high speed that damaged his bike, but he was not seriously injured.

Robinson said it was a tough course which was made even tougher due to “silly buggers playing with the course marking”.

“Some of us missed turns and short-cutted the course,” Robinson said.

“What happened after that was that the organisers moved us into our own 50-kilometre open category.”

The steady five-kilometre climb up to the top of Bago Bluff was the main challenge riders faced, but Robinson said the downhill section was worth the challenge.

“The climb is in the first 10-15 kilometres of the lap and the wind slaps you in the face a little bit, but the downhill section is a lot of fun,” Robinson said.

“Once you get onto the single trails you can have a bit of fun.”

Robinson admitted there had been a shift away from the 100-kilometre event being a focus for local riders.

“It takes you about seven hours to do 100-kays and a lot of people just don’t have that time these days,” he said.

“So the 50-kay is a lot better because you can go out in the morning and be home by lunchtime to do whatever you need to in the afternoon.”

Overall riders feedback said that they loved the course & are keen to give it another go next year.

The over all Male & Female Champions in the Bago Bluff Marathon were Shane Cox & Laura Renshaw of Newcastle.