Stingray Creek Bridge photos from 1960s

Rod Small says he enjoyed photographing Laurieton and its surroundings in the summer months in the 1960s. 

Mr Small now lives in Canberra but has fond memories of driving his first car around the town, fishing and camping. 

While on holiday in 1962 Mr Small also took photos of the Stingray Creek Bridge which had recently just undergone construction. 

Mr Small said it was timely for him to return and discover that once again in 2017 the Stingray Creek Bridge undergoing work.  

In 1961 a new steel and concrete structure which replaced the 30-year-old Humpty Back wooden bridge opened to the public. The bridge spans Stingray Creek between Laurieton and North Haven.

 The new 2017 bridge is on the same area as the old "humpty-back". 

The 190 metre long Stingray Creek Bridge opened for a community walk over on December 10. 

The new concrete, two-lane bridge officially opened on Saturday last, will replace the old "humpty-back" wooden structure. Here the two bridges are seen with North Brother Mountain (named by Captain James Cook) forming a background. Final cost of the new bridge is expected to be in the vicinity of 60,000 pounds.

​From the Camden Haven Courier, November 10, 1961