Cr Peter Alley's column on his time as Councillor

It was on the 20th September last year that I officially became a Councillor for Port Macquarie-Hastings Council. It has been a learning curve that will not end, because there is always more to learn and always more to do.

A year of building bridges:

Not only has the Stingray Creek Bridge opened and the remainder of the works will end soon, but construction of the Hyndmans Creek Bridge on Comboyne Road has been completed. The Bulli Creek and Harty’s Creek Bridges have reached the end of their useful lives and will also be replaced. Planning for O’Neills Bridge on Batar Creek Road is well underway.

Providing our infrastructure for Water & Sewage:

We never appreciate the value of our water infrastructure until you turn on a tap and nothing comes out. Every time we drive on Ocean Drive, we can see our population expanding between Kew and Lakewood (area 15) and between Bonny Hills and Lake Cathie (area 14). What is not so easy to see is the installation of the Southern Arm trunk main between the Cowarra Dam and Bonny Hills along Houston Mitchell Drive. This will provide a direct gravity fed main direct to the Camden Haven for our water supply.

Area 15 sewage upgrades are occurring, as well as designs for UV (Ultra Violet) disinfecting at Bonny Hills sewage treatment works. A doubling of the capacity of the reclaimed water treatment plant is completed.

The Dunbogan tip has closed and the Kew transfer station is operating.

Sporting and Recreation Facilities:

The Port Macquarie Indoor Stadium has opened. The Wauchope Pool upgrade is complete. Planning has started for a Regional Sports Centre near Wauchope. Playground equipment has been replaced at Lake Cathie Community Hall, Oxide Park, Muston Street Reserve and Innes Lake Park.

There is three years remaining in this term and the job is far from complete.