Bonny Hills resident comments on impact of the Adani coal mine

As a new resident of this area, I am revelling in its beauty after leaving the terrible mess made of the Hunter Valley by coal mining.

Coal has underpinned our standard of living but its time is running out. Growing public awareness of it’s awful legacy of environmental destruction, ill-health and damaged communities is reducing demand.

On the other hand, rapid growth of renewables is reducing the need for coal.

Despite this, governments still encourage new mines, even when they will certainly pose major risks to the natural environment, industries and people. Everyone familiar with the Liverpool Plains, some of the best farming country in Australia, was astonished when the NSW government encouraged coal companies to mine there, putting that land and those who farm it in jeopardy.

Now a greater travesty is unfolding. The Turnbull government wants to give $1b of our money to an Indian company, Adani, to dig the biggest coal mine ever seen in Australia. This mine makes no sense in economic, environmental and social terms. It is unlikely to turn a profit and, even if it did, it is very unlikely its owners would ever pay tax. More frightening is its potential to wreck the Great Barrier Reef and the tourism industry and communities that depend on it. And that says nothing of the damage to be done to the land and water resources of the mine’s location, and everything and everyone depending on them.

This absurd mine has to be stopped. Why on earth should we be paying an overseas company to enrich itself by wrecking our land, our reef, our communities, our people?

Our local members of parliament have a serious responsibility here. Where do they stand?

John Drinan, Bonny Hills