Lake Cathie resident wants people to stop calling the Cathie Creek estuary the lake

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I do wish that people in general and this newspaper would please STOP calling the body of water in front of the Foreshore Reserve at Lake Cathie a "lake". It is not a lake and is most certainly not “the lake”. The real Lake Cathie is the small lake surrounded by mostly dry swamp to the west of Abel Tasman Dive and to the north of Ocean Club Resort. This can be clearly seen on maps and on satellite view on most electronic devices. There is no other lake in Lake Cathie. The area of water that fronts the Foreshore Reserve is the Cathie Creek estuary. When the estuary is closed the area fronting the Foreshore Reserve is possibly a lagoon, but it is not “the lake”. On a similar note, the suggestion by Jarrad Lawless that the bridges on Ocean Drive and Kenwood Drive should be widened may or may not be the answer to the lake closing, although I would suggest that it is more the lack of water outflow that causes the estuary to close. Wind and tide banks up the sand but there is nothing to push it back out again. In any case, widening the bridges would cost millions, money perhaps better spent on roads and other council amenities?

Ron Brown, Lake Cathie 


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