Mid Waste's declutter workshop proving popular

Does it add value to your life?

That was the bottom line question at a community declutter workshop at the Laurieton Library on October 10.

The workshops are designed to get people thinking about clutter and how you can make space in your home for the things that really matter.

MIDWASTE project officer Joanie Lambkin hosted the Laurieton workshop.

MIDWASTE developed the declutter workshop program Less is More! to help residents learn how to declutter their home and dispose of excess stuff sustainably and think about what they have, where their problem areas and priorities are and how they might get started.

Starting with one area at a time and spending a short time each day and setting completion dates help and thinking about how to dispose -  trying to re-gift or have the items reused or sold on gum tree, given away to charities etc. Rather than stuff ending up in landfill.

The workshop provided residents with useful declutter tips and tools as well as teach them how to prevent clutter returning.

More workshops are scheduled for Port Macquarie Library on Thursday October 12 from 6pm until 8pm with light supper provided. To register please call the library on 6581 8755. 

Meanwhile MIDWASTE is hosting Eco Cleaning on Monday November 6 and Saturday November 11 at the Port Macquarie Library from 10am until 11.30am.

This workshop is to help people move away from chemicals and learn more about MIDWASTE Community Recycling Centres: http://www.midwaste.org.au/community-recycling-centres/