LETTER: Meeting centred on 'negative' development

I attended the community meeting at Kendall Services Club last Thursday October 5 and must express my concern about the negative feeling amongst the attendees.

Whilst all developments have both their good and bad points, this meeting clearly centered on the negative and gave the impression that Kendall is full of "NIMBY's" (not in my backyard).

Yes there are questions to be raised as to why the original development application changed after originally being consented to, but some of the so called facts and figures presented just don't add up.

A rather large acceptance for the original development of 122 home sites on the night, is being misguided by some of the information presented on the night.

One area of concern was the water and sewage use for a 283 over 55"s development and another was the amount of "extra" traffic this development would bring.

The 122 homes development would be filled with families and the average family today is 4.5 people per household.

That equates to 540 people for the 122 homes versus up to 560 for the over 55's development. That would equate to negligible differences in water and sewage use however, with families, most would have two cars which would almost equal or exceed the over 55's.

Families would more than likely increase traffic movements more than the over 55's with school runs, after school activities and weekend sport.

In my mind, we either accept the over 55's development or reject any development and stop the expansion of our lovely little village so that only we can enjoy it and not allow any more newby's into the area. 

Ken Dollery



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