Needlework section caters for 120 entries: Camden Haven Show 2017

On display: The needlework section of the show had 120 entries.
On display: The needlework section of the show had 120 entries.


There are lots of creative and talented people living in the Camden Haven.

The Camden Haven Show Society’s needlework section steward, Elizabeth Watson, said there were some outstanding entries in the section for the recently completed show.

“We have 120 entries in the needlework section this year,” she said.

”And thank you to all our sponsors for their support for this event.”


Best in Needlework- Lorriane Gehrig

Best in Patchwork- Diane Pope

Best in Creative Stitchery- Judith Hardy

Best in Dolls and Bears- Shelley Duncum

Best in Infants and Primary Students- Jemma Bickley

Best in High School Students- Piper Seale

Best entry in Life on the Farm- The chook Shed- Maureen Fraser


1. Any Hand embroidered item- 1st Lynne Cullis, 2nd Barbara Booth

3. Cross Stitch- any item- 1st Lorraine Gehrig, 2nd Sheryl Workman, H.C. Maxene Hutchinson

4. Applique, any item 1st Elizabeth Watson, 2nd Cheryl Baird and Lorriane Wedge, H.C. Yvon Buxton and Lisa Manton

6. Cushion- 1st Lorraine Wedge, 2nd Cheryl Baird, H.C. Sheryl Workman

7. Chicken Scratch Embroidery- 1st Diann Butlin, 2nd Lorraine Wedge

8. Bag- Equal 1sts Judith Hardy, Sheryl Workman, H.C. Elizabeth Watson

9. Any other type of needlework- 1st Lorraine Wedge, 2nd Pauline Manton

10. Any 3 items of different types by an individual- 1st Helen Brown, 2nd Lorraine Wedge, H.C. Elizabeth Watson

11. Patchwork Quilt- large 1st Yvon Buxton, 2nd Jean James

12. Patchwork Quilt- small 1st Ruth Stagoll, 2nd Lorraine Wedge

13. Patchwork Quilt- quilted by a professional- 1st Ruth Stagoll, 2nd Margaret Grunsell, H.C. Lynn Cullis

14. Patchwork Quilt from a printed panel- 1st Elizabeth Watson

15. Patchwork article using recycled materials- 1st Daphne Jones

16. Christmas Patchwork item- Diann Butlin

17. Patchwork Table Runner- 1st Helen Brown, 2nd Lorraine Wedge

18. Patchwork Wall hanging- 1st Lynne Cullis, 2nd Barbara Booth

19. Patchwork any other item- 1st Helen Brown

20. Applique Quilt- Large- 1st Diane Pope, 2nd Jill Ramsay

22. Item made from Hexagons- 1st Lorraine Wedge, 2nd Lorraine Wedge

23. Long Stitch picture or cushion- 1st Sheryl Workman, 2nd Jo Bramma

24. Fibre art or creative art item- 1st Judith Hardy

25. Tapestry picture- 1st Gavin Mortimer

26. Handmade bear or soft toy-fur- 1st Shelley Duncum

27. Handmade Bear or soft toy- Fabric 1st Shelley Duncum

30. Simple Machine Made article-Infants and Primary Students- 1st Charlise Dollery

31. Hand sewn article- Infants and Primary Students- 1st Jemma Bickley

32. Machine made article-High School Students- 1st Piper Seale

Life on the Farm- In the Chook Shed

39. Stuffed rooster, hen or chicken- 1st Sheryl Workman

40. Chook Themed item- sewn- 1st Sheryl Workman, 2nd Jean James, H.C. Lorraine Wedge

41. Chook themed item- knitted -1st Lyn Allport

42. Chook themed item- crocheted 1st Margot McLennan

43. Most creative Rooster, Hen or chicken themed article- 1st Robyn Lord, 2nd Louise Hudson

Sash for best entry in Life in the Farm Section- Maureen Fraser.

Please note that the theme for 2018 Life on the Farm is “In the Stables” so we will be looking for horse items. 

Chainsaw Results

Under 100 speed – Allan Woolley, Wayne Donovan, Trevor Baker, Blake Howard.

Open Speed – Wayne Donovan, Allan Woolley, Jason Chisholm, Darren Howard.

100 Rip – Ken Trappel, Matt Osborne, Trevor Baker, Jason Chisholm

Open Rip – Darren Howard, Trevor Baker, Wayne Donovan, Blake Howard

090 Rip – Wayne Donovan, Matt Osborne, Darren Howard, Jason Chisholm, Brodie Howard.

Jack & Jill – Wayne & Teresa Donovan, Matt & Jodie Osborne, Ken & Bek Trappel, Allan Woolley & Jo Wilson

Ladies Speed – Teresa Donovan, Katrina Chisholm, Bek Trappel, Jodie Osborne

Novice Rip – Peter Leadham, Michael Tisdell, Dean Stackmen, Heath Porter

Teams Rip (experienced + novice) – Mark Jones & Brett Kettle, Peter Leadham & Brodie Howard, Blake Howard & Heath Porter, Jason Chisholm & Gary Neilsen

Overall Points Champion – Wayne Donovan.

Fruit and veges

Senior Section

Best Exhibit: John Attard for a magnificent bell-shaped gramma;

Most successful exhibitor overall: Diane Pope with 8 Firsts and 2 Seconds

Junior Section

Best Exhibit: Elwood Dollery with a collection of Vegies

Most Successful Exhibitor overall: Elwood Dollery with 6 Firsts


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