Laurieton resident Steve Wheatley comments on marriage equality postal survey

To those that still need to post their vote and haven’t yet decided please consider your options, regardless of whether you ultimately decide to vote no or yes to marriage equality, be very clear that you know what you are voting for.

I encourage you to please read and have an open mind as per below;

The survey does not challenge traditional marriage there is no such thing. Marriage has constantly evolved over the years. A century ago, people of colour could not marry white people. Same sex marriage is just the latest evolution.

The survey has no effect on religious freedoms. Churches have always been able to determine who they marry and who they don’t and will continue to do so. If these rules ever change it won’t be caused by the result of this survey.

Likewise, civil celebrants will also be able to refuse to marry same sex couples (some friends of mine experienced this in New Zealand).

The survey is not about children.Gay couples can adopt, foster, use IVF or a surrogate to have children now. The survey result will not change that.

The survey is NOT about the Safe School’s Program. That anti-bullying program will be taught in schools should the Federal or State Governments endorse and fund it, regardless of the survey result.

You are voting to grant the same respect, dignity, legal recognition and next of kin status to same sex couples; the same thing heterosexual couples have now, nothing more than that.

Your vote on the Marriage Equality Postal Survey is important and you have until Tuesday, November 7 to get yours posted.

Steve Wheatley



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