Laurieton resident comments on Indian Mynas threat to native species

In reply to L Frakes’ letter regarding Indian Mynas, she is absolutely correct in the fact that Indian Mynas disrupt other bird species particularly parrot species.

Their breeding biology comes in to conflict with native species that use hollow branches or logs.  Native species like parrots nest on the decaying wood at the base of the hollow and they use no nesting material other than the wood pieces. 

Along come Indian Mynas and they fill this hollow with straw, grass, feathers and paper to make their nest.

Even when they vacate the hollow afterwards, no self-respecting parrot will clean this rubbish away to use the hollow to nest.

So in effect the hollow is lost to that species and it needs to find one which is not contaminated.

As we all know, natural hollows can be as rare as hens teeth, so the parrot has to search further afield and moves away to green pastures. 

Good work Linda, keep it up

Steve Gallivan,



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