Camden Haven Dragon Boat Club at Forster regatta on November 18 and 19

The Camden Haven Dragon Boat Club travelled to Forster to compete in a regatta organised by the Pearl Dragons club. Sixteen clubs from around the state competed over two days of racing on November 18 and 19. 

The event  on November 18 consisted of a two kilometre marathon. Camden Haven finished a very creditable fourth, only one second out of third place.

On Sunday, November 19 the racing was over the sprint distance of 200m.

Camden Haven entered teams in the men’s, women’s and sports mixed categories.

All three teams made their way through the heats into the finals.

The three finals were closely contested with small margins between first and fourth being the order of the day.

The women’s crew powered home to win their final by a tenth of a second.

The mixed crew finished a very narrow second in their final while the men’s crew weren’t far away in fourth in their final.

If you would like to improve your fitness, have lots of fun and make new friends please feel free to contact the Camden Haven Dragon Boat Club via its website.