Essential Energy box located on footpath at northern side of the Stingray Creek Bridge

A Laurieton resident is concerned about the location of an Essential Energy box on the path at the northern side of the Stingray Creek Bridge. 

John Collins said the position is dangerous as it is located on the corner and as cyclists come off the bridge they risk hitting the box or another pedestrian.

Mr Collins and his wife cycle and he said they were lucky to spot the box as they came off the bridge on to the path. 

He said there is a risk that other people might not be so lucky. 

“It’s a hazard to pedestrians too as a cyclist has to swerve to avoid hitting the box,” he said. 

“If there is someone walking the other way there is not much room to avoid the person.” 

Mr Collins said the location of the box is ‘an accident waiting to happen’ and that ‘someone will be injured’. 

He said the position of the box showed a ‘complete lack of logic’ considering the Stingray Creek Bridge cost $26 million to complete. 

An Essential Energy spokesperson said the construction of the new Stingray Creek Bridge and associated works was a Port Macquarie-Hastings Council project.  

“The company is aware that a new pedestrian footpath has been built around a pillar box on the North Haven side of the bridge,” the spokesperson said.

“We are working with council to have the pillar box relocated off the footpath as a priority.” 

The spokesperson said in the interim the pillar box has been marked with tape for pedestrian safety.