New shopping centre for Sovereign Hills | video, photos

GOOD NEWS: Lewis Land Group CEO, Mayor Peta Pinson and Hastings Co-op CEO Allan Gordon at the site of the Sovereign Hills centrepiece.
GOOD NEWS: Lewis Land Group CEO, Mayor Peta Pinson and Hastings Co-op CEO Allan Gordon at the site of the Sovereign Hills centrepiece.

The Sovereign Hills town centre will have a Hastings Co-op IGA supermarket selling hardware and liquor.  The development at the junction of Main Street and John Oxley Drive will eventually provide 25,000 square metres of amenity to the growing Sovereign Hills community and beyond.

Hastings Co-op joined Lewis Land Group (LLG) yesterday in unveiling the blueprint for stage one.Chief executive officer Allan Gordon said the co-op was proud to be part of such an exciting development.

“The store will become an integral part of the Hastings Co-op family of businesses and provide a much-needed facility for residents of Sovereign Hills and the wider Hastings,” he said.

When complete, the Co-op expects to create around 100 new jobs from management to entry level positions right throughout the store. The store will incorporate a full-service hardware store, where customers will be able to buy everything from a hammer to landscaping supplies.

Stage one of the Sovereign Hills town centre will comprise 4,500 square metres of retail space surrounded by landscaped areas, growing in stages to more than 25,000 square metres.

Stage one is proposed to be open for business in late 2019 and construction is expected to start in early 2018. LLG chief executive officer Chris Calvert said the town centre development would be the thriving heart of the Sovereign Hills community, providing practical amenity and an environment for people to relax and connect, as well as community facilities and entertainment. 

“We promised the residents of Sovereign Hills the convenience of their very own town centre and we’re delighted to take the next step in delivering this critical piece of infrastructure.  We are equally as excited about the local employment opportunities this development will generate both during and post the construction phase,” said Mr Calvert.

Stage One of the town centre will also feature a medical centre and a pharmacy superstore, Your Discount Chemist.  The open-air design will feature roof-mounted solar panels.  Rain water harvesting will be used for all landscaping irrigation, with recycled bricks and natural timbers in the building.

Port Macquarie-Hastings Mayor Peta Pinson congratulated LLG and Hastings Co-op on the plan, and said it was a coup for the area.

“Council are very proud to partner with such professionalism in the Lewis Land Group,” she said.

When it’s completed, the Sovereign Hills master-planned community will be home to 2,000-plus new homes, onsite schools, childcare, recreation facilities and the area’s new town centre.